Total Cost of Printing

There are many issues that consumers, businesses and resellers face when looking at printing, ranging from costs to reliability and durability. But, one of the most prevalent issues for anyone printing in business is Total Cost of Printing.

CharisCo Printer Labs aims to answer these questions through three main channels: analysis; testing and calculation. Outlines of these divisions can be found below.

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Please help with our latest survey:

CharisCo Printer Labs is now conducting a very brief follow-up survey to learn a little more about how many pages, and of what type, home users are typically printing. This survey is entirely confidential (no identifying factors), very brief (5 questions) and will only take a minute or two to complete. With many thanks in advance. Complete the survey here...


CharisCo Printer Labs provides analysis of the printer industry, its products and key players

CharisCo Printer Labs undertakes regular analysis of the printer industry, its products and key players. Research is published as news, views and issues in the freely available buzz commentary, TCPglobal.

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CharisCo Printer Labs provides robust testing services for data

Whether it be printers, inks, papers or third party consumables, CharisCo Printer Labs performs robust testing across a wide range of product types for data such as cost, image quality and durability, efficiency and usability.

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CharisCo Printer Labs have developed a range of Total Cost of Printing calculator tools

tcprojector is a range of tools available to resellers that enable 'usage based' calculation of Total Cost of Printing. These tools enable users to project quick, simple and realistic Total Cost of Printing estimates.

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What are the questions CharisCo Printer Labs can answer?

Much of the time we come across businesses and consumers who don't even know the questions to ask, let alone the answers. So, in the interests of being useful and educational, here are some of the key questions:

We can answer some of these questions on this website but, in all likelihood, some of the answers to the questions you are asking will need you to either talk to someone at CharisCo Printer Labs or for you to use one of our calculation tools. We would be more than happy to help you find the answers you are looking for, so please don't hesitate to use the contact us page to get in touch.

Is printing dead?

In an age where the advances in technology are so rapid and expansive, surely we have now reached the point where paperless business should be a real possibility? Well, yes and no. Sure, there are many situations where the digital age has advanced to the point where paper is no longer needed for either sensible storage or effective communication. But, we have yet to see a diverse solution that effectively wipes out the need for printers. Indeed, print volumes still continue to increase year on year.

If we look at individual industries, we can see situations where printing is undeniably becoming dated. A classic example is the newspaper industry, which has seen huge losses and massive upheaval as the main competitors tackle the issue of paid-for online content vs free content with advertising based revenues.

As we talk to businesses and large organisations that have attempted to move across to paperless systems, we are told they have been plagued with technological hiccups, server downtime and duplication of workloads due to maintaining a paper based system alongside...

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