About us

The Origins

In July 1998, Peter Maude started CharisCo Printer Labs after having worked as team leader in printer research for one of the world’s leading market tracking and trending analysis companies, CONTEXT, alongside other notable achievements in the printer industry analysis field.

CharisCo Printer Labs quickly grew in the printer industry as an independent authority on Total Cost of Ownership and Total Cost of Printing, leading to Peter giving presentations at several industry seminars across the world and being periodically quoted in the UK computer press.


CharisCo Printer Labs has enjoyed increasing reputation in the industry through its buzz commentary, TCPglobal (to be found at tcpblogal.com). Manufacturers, resellers, industry analysts and corporate printer/MFP users alike have found TCPglobal to be a valuable resource in understanding the industry, with widespread readership within manufacturers such as Brother, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Kyocera and Xerox.

Test Lab

CharisCo Printer Labs has also been commissioned to undergo significant testing contracts for companies such as Brother, Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, etc., which have been the bread and butter work in recent years. These testing contracts have ranged from testing printer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products to testing third-party products for reliability, durability, quality and Total Cost of Printing.

tcprojector Tools

As awareness has grown in the industry of the issues relating to Total Cost of Printing, CharisCo Printer Labs has responded with services and analysis tools to help the market understand the complexities involved in projecting the costs involved in printing. In 2001, CharisCo Printer Labs released its first Total Cost of Ownership calculator, TCOIllustrator, which enjoyed buoyed interest not only from industry analysis experts but also from resellers and managed print services (MPS) operators around the globe. More than 1,600 organisations downloaded the application, many of which expressed a degree of interest in pursuing the availability of data.

This interest has continued to grow that has resulted in CharisCo Printer Labs commissioning the development of a new calculator tool that will allow the projection of costs associated with printing on a fleet of printers across entire enterprises. CharisCo Printer Labs has been building an extensive database of printer and consumable hardware specifications for the past four years in preparation for this new tool, tcprojector.

tcprojector Tools comprises the comprehensive database and two pieces of web-based software. The first is a SaaS webapp called tcprojector, which allows business printer resellers, particularly in the MPS market, to build/project/analyse entire fleets of printers to identify potential cost savings. The second is tcprojector API, which enables eCommerce resellers to integrate infographics into their printer listings and comparison tools that outline the Total Cost of Printing associated with the printer using the reseller's own pricing. tcprojector API also allows website users to personalise their usage profile, specific to their own patterns.

Vision and Values

CharisCo Printer Labs seeks to offer independent printer testing, software, data and consultancy to:

  • establish a de facto industry standard, for analysis of Total Cost of Printing (TCP)
  • provide the industry with comparative data relating to print quality, performance, reliability and TCP
  • confirm / clarify manufacturer's specification claims
  • extend the scope of print speed, yield and life expectancy data available to the user base
  • provide the resellers and businesses with a highly flexible, and individually customisable, print usage and TCP analysis tool (tcprojector App) to assist in choice of hard copy device and hard copy use/cost analysis and management
  • provide consumers with detailed and customisable Total Cost of Printing information within eCommerce and printer related websites (tcprojector API)

CharisCo Printer Labs operates to the highest:

  • standards of independence - unbiased and unprejudiced
  • quality and consistency of test methodology and procedures