Printer Testing Labs


Whether it be printers, inks, papers or third party consumables, CharisCo Printer Labs performs robust testing across a wide range of product types for data such as cost, image quality and durability, efficiency and usability.

Why is testing needed?

For the most part, printer users and prospective buyers have had to rely on information published by the printer manufacturers for details of the print devices and their performance. This data is not independent and is generally viewed with some scepticism when it comes to comparing different machines, especially where cost, print quality and reliability are concerned.

CharisCo Printer Labs offers printer manufacturers and corporations alike the opportunity to verify performance and expected Total Cost of Printing, independently of the printer manufacturers, through real-life testing of the devices. Periodically, we also test devices specifically for inclusion in TCPglobal, usually to prove some particular point of contention.

Tests available

Tests undertaken and data measured/collected can be as narrow or wide-ranging as required and may include any or all of the following (list not inclusive):

  • consumables yield and life expectancy
    • office printing (mono and colour)
    • photo printing
  • power consumption
    • printing
    • idle
    • sleep
  • sound power level
  • first page to print/copy speed
    • multiple copies from single page document
    • multi-page document
  • engine print speed (and copy speed on multifunction devices)
    • single page
    • multiple copies from single page document
    • multi-page document
  • print quality
  • ink and image durability
    • light fastness
    • water fastness
    • smudge resistance
    • highlighter resistance
  • cartridge and/or device reliability
    • ink/toner leaking
    • ink delivery
    • paper jams

All appropriate tests can be undertaken to ISO standards or using ISO test pages.

Tests can also be run to establish the quality and reliability of third party inks and toners

Test results

Results from tests undertaken will generally be presented using a combination of written reporting, in PDF format with photographs and charts as appropriate, supported by data files in MS Excel format.

Where Total Cost of Printing is a part of the test programme, results may be injected into our highly flexible cloud software application, tcprojector, permitting the user to control the print profile used to perform the cost analysis, thus obtaining a personalised result.