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CharisCo Printer Labs undertakes regular analysis of the printer industry, its products and key players. Research is published as news, views and issues in the freely available buzz commentary, TCPglobal.

About TCPglobal

TCPglobal is a completely unique publication that investigates anything and everything that affects the Cost of Printing in the office and home - bringing you the important news, views and issues that can help you: keep up-to-date with the latest ‘goings-on’ in the industry; save money on your printing; avoid some of the pitfalls of buying hardware that disadvantages you; target the best type of printer for your needs; etc.

TCPglobal is:

  • Periodic
  • To the point and quick to read
  • Authoritative, balanced and independently critical
  • Unbiased and impartial
  • The intelligence source focused on Total Cost of Printing
  • The medium to educate and to raise awareness of TCO/TCP
  • In blog format for accessibility, easy reading and to encourage interaction between manufacturers, resellers and users
  • Full digital archive from launch (May 2002)

Published by CharisCo Printer Labs

TCPglobal was first launched in 2002 as an email newsletter. A year later, on top of huge success, it was relaunched as a PDF publication distributed by email. And then - January 2008 - after more than 5½ years of weekly issues, it took on a whole new dimension, moving into a brand new blog format, injecting a conversational and interactive nature to the discussion of Total Cost of Printing.

Blog format

To enable easier and more flexible access to all the TCPglobal / Total Cost of Printing material from CharisCo Printer Labs, and to engender conversation between users, the channel and the industry, the blog format enables:

  • Instant access to all TCPglobal archive material, comparisons, analysis and commentary back to May 2002
  • Key word search covering all TCPglobal issues
  • Password protected personal options for email notification of new posts
  • User, Channel and Industry comments to articles
  • User querying of the industry on points of technology and Cost of Printing
  • Manufacturer replies to end user queries and comments
  • Anecdotal points of interest to be added to articles

Attempting to bring as many aspects, influences and issues as possible together in one place, TCPglobal maintains a varied brief, covering page printer (including laser, LED and solid ink technologies) and inkjet office printing as well as photo printing and photo or camera technologies, when relevant.

Effecting the money in your pocket

For instance:

  • What exactly is Total Cost of Printing (TCP)?
  • What effect does the manufacturer’s sales model have on how much a user actually pays?
  • What are the implications of hardware design innovations on Total Cost of Printing?
  • What are the ‘forgotten elements’ of TCP?
  • Significant hardware launches with feature comparisons
  • Total Cost of Printing comparisons
  • Environmental impact of technologies, printing practices and stragegies

Examples of past articles include:

  • UK Office of Fair Trading slams printer manufacturers for high aftermarket ‘monopoly’ pricing
  • What are the ‘forgotten’ elements of TCP? - Supplies Procurement
  • Hindrances to making accurate cost comparisons
  • Environmental impacts of supplies configuration
  • Duplexing cuts Total Cost of Printing
  • Appropriate to use – avoiding a huge financial gaff
  • Office Inkjet or Colour Laser AiO?
  • Move up a notch and save money
  • Lifestyle sometimes overrides economy